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Fairytales and Happy Endings

A little girl having so much fun, spending all day playing in the sun. She’s completely covered head to toe in dirt, always climbing in trees getting hurt, She loves to laugh, she loves to sing, with nothing a bother, not a thing.

So quickly this young girl starts getting older, in elementary school she had already became so much bolder. She had made some enemies and some friends, Learning new fashions and some trends. somedays shopping with her friends at the mall, and of course always on the phone with whoever would call.

Now Ms. “Too Cool” starts junior high, She finds herself kissing her beloved violin goodbye. she starts trading in her simple kid toys, now she was about make-up and chasing boys. Listening to her teachers and parents even less, This almost a teenager starts ratting her once soft hair into a mess.

She finds her self in detention after school, for fighting, spraypainting, and breaking all the other rules. HA!… little did this girl know that it was just the beginning, of a game she simply would never end up winning. But we all know the best lessons in life are the hardest to learn, and besides she’s just a teenager they thought with not much concern.

This “Know-it-all” girl not so innocent and cute, Starts to feel her concerns are being mute. So she calls up her daddy, who was her hero back in the day, she begs and cries, “Daddy, please come take me away!”

Before you know it daddy came and got his “Lil Ms. Thang” But it wasn’t too soon her new reality hit with a bang. Now a new city, new school and new friends… But WoW…every smile and laugh felt so pretend.

How quickly “Miss Thang” longed to be back at home in her room, Not sure how running away wasn’t a cure to her gloom. finally when her freshman year was done, she packed her stuff again and she was back on the run. Nobody told this hurting heart she couldn’t run from her self, and Damn if those feelings weren’t sneaking up on her so stealth.

“The momma’s girl” now was back at her home, unprepared for the kind of shit she would be thrown, Excited she kept telling herself, “ok. I’m happy now!” or at least she wanted to be but I don’t think she just quite knew how.

Being back now it just wasn’t the same, She still couldn’t stand the sound of her name. Totally confused on why she was still lonlely and sad, Why didn’t it work? she thought,”I’m back living with mom not dad.”

The confusion and her pain start to fill up her mind, Not knowing what she could do she starts to self medicate with whatever she could find. “Ms. Tenth grade” goes to partys and meets some new friends; vodka, beer and wine, But quickly decides, “the next days hangover is NO friend of mine.” Looking for more she tries grass or pot as they say, And, “WOW!” she thought she could smoke this shit all day!

Her new friend was making her feel good, you could probably even say great… So There was no way of stopping this girl it was already too late. She was only feeling good until her high was gone, And then again she was back to feeling like she just didn’t belong.

Starting to believe that happiness wasn’t hers to have, This almost a woman tries a new fad… But this new game was for more than she thought, it was sad to see her put in every thing that she brought, Noone told her that in this new game playing with them boys, it would take alot more than just kissing for them to enjoy.

She was given attention and told some great things, But soon she realized she was just another one of their flings. She watched them come… and go even quicker, This once fragile heart starts growing thicker. So young, too soon, but it didn’t take long, she could act like them now, she had caught on.

So sad, so fast she was falling from who she was, But not really caring, because thats what pot does. She still yearned to be loved and needed, “Please don’t leave me!” is what she had pleaded. But it was too late and them boys had had their fun, Probably not even knowing what they had done. A million of excuses why they didn’t call, She said, “Save it, I’ve have heard it all!”

Now she knows they can love and leave you in a day, and they never really had any true intentions to stay. She knew what she doing and what she was starting to become, Just what she thought she wanted, to stay cold and numb. What she didn’t know was that there was love starting to grow inside but its what she always wanted so keeping her baby wan’t very hard to decide “Lil’ Ms. Mommy” was soo excited to feel a love of her own but a little sad and scared to have to raise a baby alone. Then one day, as her hopes of love start to fade, “Princess” suddenly meets the man for whom she thought she was made! Out of nowhere he came; he was nice, handsome and ever so sweet, It hadn’t taken him long and she was swept off her feet.

It had to be real! Her prince seemed so genuine and sincere; She chose to ignore that things weren’t really quite as they appear. Cause “Princess” is young, and wanting love so badly had made her naive, So now “Prince Charming” had her heart, it was hard to believe.

It wasn’t very long til “Princess” shared her news of a baby number two, The young love birds decide it was time to say, “I DO!” They picked a date, they had everything ready and perfectly planned, So completely happy they would soon be walking together hand in hand. “Princess” was truely just that on her very special day, She wore a big white gown and had a rose filled boquet. There was no doubt she was the most beautiful happy bride, Going down the aisle you could see her brimming with pride. Although they didn’t have a honemoon that would follow, She didn’t care, nothing was better than no longer feeing hollow. She thought she was in love and it was of a different kind A good man like this she thought would be so hard to find… Two babys, a job and college Mrs. was juggling a full life but the love for her husband had made her want to be a good wife.

Even with all this she still wasn’t happy but didn’t know why?? It couldn’t possibly be, because she had a black eye? She just didn’t get it and she still doesn’t really understand, So its no surprise she lets her mind slip off into a fantasy land.

Mrs. didn’t want to have problems, she was was in total denial, But that ended quickly when Mr. came home with papers to file. She couldn’t believe that in a quick year the vows were broken, and so were all of the promises they had both spoken!!! Then the day she thought would never come, came; Her heart was broken and she wanted someone to blame. Again she found her self lost and didn’t know what to do, She just wanted her family back, she didn’t want this to be true. Following was the days of her picking up the pieces of her shattered heart, So many little pieces and she didn’t know where to start. Shattered they were no longer a family she had lost her happy place, The only thing she wanted now was to go away, slip off without a trace. It was so sad at night to here her all she did was cried noone could help and everyone tried.

She learned to do whatever it took to survive, Still to this day its a miracle she’s alive. See, even though the tears stopped, and began to dry, She still felt like all she wanted to do was die. The tears may have dried up on their own, But she couldn’t feel like anything but a drone.

You can more than say this beautiful girl won’t probably ever be the same, But thats okay, because Ms. Rico won’t give up on making something of her name!

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