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Hello,This is Ditto 55 ,I know that I am a pest, but if i want to participate in this program the proper way,I need to know what to do and how it works,I have asked many times and no one is bothering to answer me. I am trying to keep a positive attitude,but every day i get on here to vote and try to do new things,i Can’t and i am getting very discouraged.I would like to mingle with the other, members but knowing how to actually do it would help.I taught myself how to vote,but it takes so long that i do a few pages,then take a break and have to try to remember who i left off at,I think i might be fed up although i am on here because i desperately need a vehicle.In closing, Do you think that one of you managers on here can please let me know what is going on,please?

Mamadukes64 Posted on 12/12/14 9:51AM

I am trying to friend you I 2 am not very computer savvy

alexandralower Posted on 07/17/14 1:59PM

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bobbibaines Posted on 05/03/13 5:38AM

Here where I live, there are two clothes closets. These clothes are free and a lot are new with the price tags still on them. Also there is a lot of brand name items in great condition. They also have shoes, purses, and baby items. If you or anyone you know is in need of good clothing that is free, check to see if the town you live in has free clothes closets. Posted on 10/09/12 12:32PM

i really needed to know if there was any places. in florida that can help with providing a laptop computer for my son.he has his desktop,but,he’S gonna be goin to classes for disabled”autistic’,kids that have already graduated high son doesn’t use pens or pencils,he cannot manipulate items with his hands,in school,he always used a computer,laptop.I can provide small monthly payments if needbe.please let me know asap,thank you for your time,and god bless

Mamadukes64 Posted on 12/12/14 9:47AM

call Coalition for the Homeless in Orlando explain to them I will try to get more info for you Belinda

Taylermusk Posted on 02/07/12 3:39AM


carolyn hancock Posted on 10/02/11 10:18AM

As a single mom of 2 girls and a lot of bills. I have found it impossible to make ends meet. I am barely keep a roof over our head, so it has been a long period of time since I was able to take my girls shopping for new clothes. If someone don’t give them a few hand me downs, they both would be without. They are 9 and 15 yrs old who now are experiencing the need to dress nice or risk being talked about. This hurts me so much. If you can help or know of any resource that maybe could help with clothing needs, it would be appreciated so much. Thanks and May God Bless

Mamadukes64 Posted on 12/12/14 9:44AM

could you get back to me with sizes and where we could send stuff I have a 17y.o. (stylish on a budget) but she is pregnant and we have lots to give single mom on social security so I understand Belinda

Resource Page Posted on 07/09/11 11:33AM