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Recent Recipients

MarineAirWingMike's picture
Posted on 05/12/18 11:05PM
I have been so fortunate to receive a car. Thank you to the wonderful staff here and all who have voted me. I now staying on this website to collect and transfer votes. So please do not give up, keep thankfulness in your heart and hope for the best.
ruthlundy1's picture
Posted on 05/12/18 11:01PM
I am a single mom of two with sole custody of both ( I am also a grieving mother ) . I am currently back in school to better myself , however I was in an auto accident this week and totaled my car .This has been very devastating as I do everything for the household .I have...

New Members

Virginia Sale's picture
Joined on 05/27/18 11:18PM
I am 38 yrs old and all my family has passed away. I live in Texas and it is good distance away from any store. I am in desperate need of transportation I have tried to find enough money to get one for so long but I am unable to do it on 740 dollars a month I am barely able...
Zane Griffith's picture
Joined on 05/27/18 8:31PM
My name is Zane and I was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia at the age of 18. March 9th of 2018 was the start of my fight. I spent 46 days in a pediatric hospital for my initial round of chemotherapy. After my first round my doctors tested me and found out I am in...