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My Story

I am the mother to three wonderful little boys ages 6 (rj),3(logan), and 8 months(owen). Random Backround info:I have been a cna for the mentally-handicapped for the last few years and i loved my job so much it was such a rewarding experience every shift i worked. I bonded with all my clients and would take my children to visit them on days off. One day at work i lifted somebody wrong and i herniated 3 discs in my back. I was unable to work there anymore so i found a job in the home health care industry with senior citizens helping them with daily living skills. I also found this to be so rewarding i made lots of forever friends. Shortly after i became pregnant with my third son, my grandmother's health was declining from a fall, and they were cutting my hours from 32 hrs a week to 4-6 a week. I came to an agreement with my company to collect unemployment until buisness was picking up but it never did, it will be a year in June of this year. I have been having difficulty finding a position in my field that requires no lifting. My doctor has been playing with the idea of back surgery but i am absolutely against it because i will not be able to work for 4-6 months and i need to support my family. I have helped my mother for the last 4-5 years take care of my great-grandmother who raised me with alzheimers to avoid my mother sending her to a nursing home. I loved my grandma so much. We lost her on February 2 this year. I got a call at 9 am saying i should try to come she wasnt doing well. I called around for rides but the huge snow storm had hit out here and no one could get out of their driveway. At 11 am i got a call saying she passed. I was so upset i didnt make it in time to say goodbye. This woman was my like my mother and my best friend it was an absolutely devistating experience and all because i didnt have a car. I would have spent forever digging myself out just to be there with her =( About my struggles with my childrens health: the past 3 yrs i have been on a mission to find out what is wrong with my 3 yr old son logan. He has had problems since birth in 2008. Logan would scream when you held him, didnt smile, talk or walk he was over all a very unhappy baby sometime screaming for 12 hours at a time. Finally in January of this year after going through 5 doctors and numerous hospitals i found one that would listen. We had him evaluated and they diagnosed him with a severe form of sensory processing disorder, an auditory processing disorder, and 2 language disorders. Logan talks as if he is deaf and does not understand speech. We have to use pictures to communicate with him. Sometimes it physically hurts logan to even hug him or brush his teeth. Everyday is a struggle for him. He has been receiving therapies 3 times a week but once he turned 3 they stopped coming to the house and we have to go to them for therapy. He is supposed to start a special ed school soon but i have been putting off the start date because i am worried he is going to have one of his sensory attacks at school and i have no way to pick him up,the school across town. My son rj who is 6 has a nuerological problem with his eyes in the past year he has had two surgerys to correct them but they were only sucessful for 3 months and then his eyes went right back. We are exploring other options because the possibility of going blind in the future is very real. Why we need a car: We had a 1998 mini van that one night just died in the middle of driving it. I had just had a bunch of work done to it with all my savings the week previous to maintain the car for the next year ( tune-up, gaskets, brakes, new belt). It was towed to the shop and the engine had no compression ( motor was toast)i am only receiving my unemployment of 1100 a month and i just spent all the savings on the other car. I did get some junk yard money for it but that only covered the tow to the shop i broke down 2 cities away from where it needed to go. My family is not in the financial position to help me at this time so i figured voting to show support would be appropriate and allowing them to know they are helping me anyway. We may be loosing our house at sheriff auction this month this is the 3rd time its gone up.Our landlord has been pocketing the rent money for the last year. So with facing loosing the house and having no car its just incredibly to much to handle. What i plan on doing if i receive a car: I plan on finishing my nursing degree i had started a few years ago so i can continue to work with the mentally handi-capped but as a nurse and without the lifting. This would help make it possible for me to make enough money to eventually buy us a home of our own. I would like to get my son into his special ed school so he can get his therapies, and i would like to take my son out of state to get a second opinion about his eyes from a nuerological optimologist. Thanks for reading i dont know if you needed all of it but i wanted to give you an idea of who i am. God bless you. =)