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Location: Highland, California

Gender: Female

Age: 50

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Truly Inspiring! A must watch but I have to warn you its very touching (subtitled) Has my life been this bad to me.. NO, it hasn't, not even close. I'm just being a mother to my son. But, to have this gift and determination is remarkable.

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ronald a league Posted on 10/15/12 1:34AM

just amazing and i cant beleve the life he lived it shows that if u think we got it bad this gentalman live alone and had no on to depend on my hat is of to this guy who strugled through life see their is aways someone who is in worse shap than most of us god bless and hope all wishes come true

JuanaEspinoza-Rose Posted on 10/21/12 8:33AM

Hi Ronald, I only stumbled on this on youtube. It truly shows one’s spirit can be stronger than anyone can imagine.

My life, as it has been is nothing compared to this young man that literally had nothing at a very young age.

Imagine the feeling of being all alone, no one to love you or even hug you and tell you they love you. And always having the feeling of wanting to be normal??

He, by-far surpasses anyone normal! It amazes me how strong a person can be and this young gentleman certainly proves it!