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Last Online on 07/16/16 11:53AM

Current Status: Voting.. Keeping daily 0 votes in my account after randomly transfering anonymously.

Location: Highland, California

Gender: Female

Age: 50

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Posted on 07/05/15 9:58PM
In the last few months, my life has been blessed with so many things. I could not believe that I was actually awarded a car and may have been in shock. I have submitted the paperwork but it all...
Posted on 06/29/15 3:11AM
When I was diagnosed with my Diabetes Type 2 back in early 2015. I was told to not use my Rheumatoid Arthritis pain medication anymore until Doctor gave me the go ahead. My first thought was how I...
Posted on 06/23/15 11:19PM
My son seems like a different person. He’s smiling more.. laughing more.. he says he never wants to leave his big house ever. He looks so comfortable now. He introduced himself to the kids...
Posted on 04/16/15 4:19AM
First of all… Thank YOU! Thank you for reaching out and comforting me in my difficult times. The load is less now. I feel so blessed to have alot of good things come my way. Let me...
Posted on 02/23/15 10:45PM
sorry. have not been voting daily. my days are turning into 18-hour days with early rise, temp work and homeschool. I average about 4-5 hours sleep and wake up 4am to catch the bus for work....