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Last Online on 12/16/17 10:40PM

Current Status: Had 2 wash our car off good - it was covered in salt and she looked almost white! RAL voting. Praying 4 my friends 2 get cars!!!

Location: Toledo, Ohio

Gender: Female

Age: 55

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In 2009 my husband lost his job with a restaurant, and I lost mine at a radio station in Jan. 2010. We went about a year with no jobs, and are now having it very rough. Our car was repossessed and creditors were hounding us. Our house was going to go into foreclosure. We started bankruptcy proceedings this month. My husband got a job recently, and started buying an old car, a 1995 Honda. We hit a deer and it was totalled. We are renting a car, but can't buy a car and rent one on his salary. I...