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Brian - FCC CEO

Verified staff member Last Online on 04/22/18 2:02PM

Current Status: "To whom much is given...much is required...The joy truly is in the giving..."

Location: Orlando, Florida

Gender: Male

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Maverick...I am with you always...u r my world...I am lost without u...

Maverick cool
jem5456 Posted on 03/05/16 1:41PM

Although death is just a blink of the eye while one goes from one existance to another, “dead” does not exist. Your son is somewhere waiting to be reunited with you when you are called. His existence, now, is far better than any on earth. Find peace in knowing he suffers no more. Someday, relatively soon in eternitiy’s time table, you’ll understand. Peace to you in your wonder.

pkd_dialysis_patient Posted on 01/23/16 12:18PM
jrdeltona Posted on 05/30/13 5:27AM

death ends life not a relationship.with GOD

immanuel8 Posted on 03/13/13 3:10PM

My Heart goes out to you ..MR.Brian:(….when i saw the photos my eyes teared up quickly…all i could think about is my own children..I an a mother of 3 …1 daughter and 2 sons..God has given you NEW strenghth and he has EUQUIPPEd your loins in ways that have even AMAZED you… I commend your POWERFUL approach in the misdst , of ALL your PAIN…May the LOrd continue to strenghthen you EVERDAY of your Life, I PRAY that YOu are Blessed in your GOINg in…and in when YOU are COMING out…PRaise God…:)…if you ever want to pray…just send me a message and I will be delighted too:)

BeautifulChorus Posted on 01/25/13 11:47AM

Always sending our love <3

melissalowery05 Posted on 10/04/12 9:30AM

friend request..

jawdatramadan81 Posted on 01/19/12 5:01PM

sorry to hear about your loss…

ThomasN83 Posted on 01/09/12 2:56PM

He looks like an angel. What a beautiful young man. You will surely be greated by him again someday. Until then continue your journey and keep your faith.

rgage Posted on 10/01/11 10:04AM

Thanks for sharing the photos… Looks like he played in a rock band.


nysteve40 Posted on 07/25/11 11:02AM

death ends life not a will always have that which nothing will ever take away..