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  • jackz1965
  • Last online: 04/23/13 8:17PM | Joined on: 04/04/12 10:53AM

HELLO, My name is Greg Stetten. I am a diabetic that has had a history of related complications due to my diabetes. Recently I was living with my sister who was able to take me in her car to all my medical appointments, grocery shopping, presciption filling and pick up ...

  • Itsastruggle88
  • Last online: 01/18/16 5:25AM | Joined on: 11/16/15 8:30PM

Hello, my name is Kristen, I'm 27 years old, I am a single mother to a very beautiful, and extremely loving 5 year old daughter. I just recently got my daughter and I out of a very unhealthy situation. I have been a victim of domestic abuse for awhile. We were trapped in ...

Blazin Lady Liability

Hello, FACTS: Been on this site for a long while. A natural disaster of weather while on the freeway some debris from moving freeway traffic flew under & damaged my car. Car began to smoke & then a fire. Totaled! Only could afford liability. So no compensation from ...

  • NicoleVallario
  • Last online: 03/30/12 10:39AM | Joined on: 03/13/12 7:05PM

The children and I have made it out, all by the grace of God. Their father was served a domestic violence restraining order,and then we found out he had another relationship, and a 10 month old baby. We finally got out of his relatives house about 1 1/2 months ago, we ...

  • LivingWithLupus
  • Last online: 01/09/12 2:34AM | Joined on: 09/29/11 12:24AM

My story is a mixture of common and uncommon circumstances. I am 43 years old. I am a father of a beautiful 15 year old girl and a brand new 3 month old son. I struggle daily with the pain of Lupus and Fibromyalgia. I have been labeled, looked over, dealt bad ...

sweet tea
  • sweet tea
  • Last online: 09/22/17 7:08PM | Joined on: 11/07/16 3:56PM

In need of a car, single mom can not work, filing for disability and have two kids 15 and 17. Both are smart and will go places in this world we just need a car, as we live a ways from town, there is no public transportation in our area at all. May all that read this be ...

  • cmacks37
  • Last online: 08/27/16 12:57AM | Joined on: 08/15/16 12:43PM

I am currently disabled, but am going to try the tickket to work program. I need to work, disability doesn't really support my family. my wife has an immune disorder, so she is in pain all the time. i have no way of getting her and my kids to much needed appointments, ...

  • almablack50
  • Last online: 07/13/16 1:21AM | Joined on: 09/27/15 11:21PM

My name is Alma. I am a single mother from Chicago, IL with 4 kids. I recently transitioned into public assisted housing from a shelter for pregnant mothers. I was homeless due to the fact that the place I was renting was condemned. I thought I had everything worked out. ...

  • Hdraper85
  • Last online: 08/07/17 8:55PM | Joined on: 05/22/17 9:21PM

I have currently not spent any time on many social media sites, so I do not have any "handles" to share. Not long ago I left a 10 year relationship with my husband and father of two of my three children. I left due to extreme amounts of abuse from him to me. In the ...

  • geomutter
  • Last online: 08/24/15 4:08PM | Joined on: 07/28/15 10:18AM

I am a homeless veteran I spent the last year and a half creating and building a Service dog training program for disabled veterans and first responders. We rescue dogs and train them to be service dogs. Here are a few of the things Ive done is the last year as a ...