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Posted on 03/15/17 3:33PM
09/17/15/UPDATE > I have not updated my story in awhile, Im still here, I believe in God and I know that he sees all my troubles and I know my time will come. It's been difficult, raising my 2 kids on my own, especially a special needs child, my son is 12 now and he...
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Posted on 03/15/17 2:53PM
Hi, On October 29, 2012 my life was changed forever. I live in Union Beach, N.J. with my 66 yr. old husband and 12 year old dog. We knew there were evacuation orders in place in light of the impending Storm that was approaching, so to be safe we decided to pack an...
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Posted on 03/08/17 7:31PM
My story is ever changing like a flower. Being a member of this site for the last year has changed me in ways I could never have imagined. By praying for those I vote for it became a joyful daily job. Since I joined a little over a year ago. Going on the fourth year of...
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Posted on 03/08/17 7:30PM
Hello & thanks for you interest in my story ! I'm a single mom who has been head of household for 15 years. My daughters father passed away a long time ago . In July of 2012 a 95 year old rear ended my parked car going way to fast & I ended up in the SUV in...
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Posted on 03/08/17 7:28PM
My name is Reesa and I am recently separated from my husband. We have been married for 24 years and we have been together for 29 years. We hhave a 9 year old son who we adopted him when he was 7 months old, he is living with his dad until I can get back on my feet and...
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Posted on 03/08/17 7:27PM
Thank you GOD so much for your blessings!!! On 1/12/17 I got the call from the lovely Denise!!!I got my car yesterday 2/2/17 a 2002 Hyundai Santa fe, drives beautiful, excellent condition !! I would like to extend my appreciation and gratitude to Denise and my FCC family...
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Posted on 03/08/17 7:25PM
Dear Charity Cars, i am writing asking for your help with a car to be able to help my family one of my family members is blind and mentally incompetent and i need a realiable to get him to and from the doctor normally we have to call and wait for a cab and because of the...
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Posted on 03/08/17 7:24PM
I am a disabled mother of 4 wonderful children that I love more than anything thing. I have 3 girls and 1 boy. I have RSDS, Rumatoid Arthritis, Osteo-Arthritis, Migraines, Asthma, depression, my spine is deteriaring, non-epileptic seizures,Rotator Cuff Tear, tinitis,need...
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Posted on 01/12/17 12:27PM
I am on disability and live with a friend that is on disability...she has a pace maker...she also has diabetic neuropathy and other is very hard and expensive for her to go to the doctors and testing sites...she no longer drives and has no car.... I still...'s picture
Posted on 01/12/17 12:26PM
My story is about getting a better life. I am working towards making wise decisions and always working to live within my means. I am working to get out of debt and to increase my income by looking for better employment and building a business that is profitable. Now I...