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Posted on 10/15/14 3:02PM
I am a 78 year old disable foster mom. I have been a foster mom for 38 years and have fostered more that 100 children for DCF. I have adopted 7 children 4 boys and three girls. I have raised 8 children. My youngest son, Danny, passed away last July he had suffered with...
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Posted on 08/19/14 7:15PM
This is my story. It was early one morning around 9:50am my phone range and it made my heart stop, when I saw the caller ID on it displayed an unknown name with a phone number. I froze for a moment in concern. For I knew my son William, was working the night shift and he...
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Posted on 08/12/14 2:48PM
The Staff of Charity Cars is very saddened to announce the passing of Debra Allen on January 3, 2014, FCC user debbie-lynn who was a member of our community since 01/10/12. We would like to extend our deepest condolences to her family and friends for their loss, and ask...
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Posted on 08/05/14 2:33PM
After years of abuse, we finally moved out. Our lives have been blessed just to have the freedom of normal lives. Each day may be a struggle, but then each of the struggles are being turned into comfort and encouragement for someone else. Not having transportation has been...
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Posted on 07/22/14 1:25PM
THANK YOU FCC AND EVERYONE! I LOVE MY NEW TAURUS! I am a single mom.who is in college trying to get in RN program. I need a better car to get a good job and finish school and have a good life for my child ....
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Posted on 07/22/14 1:22PM
Hello, I am so blessed to have received a car through charity cars!! I am still on this site to help others in need, I will be transferring votes to other members GOD BLESS :)
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Posted on 06/30/14 12:21PM
I am a victim of the times... lost my job of ten and a half years at a retirement community and along with it my way overpriced Mercury Grand Marquis with the trunk space equal to a studio apartment. I am searching for a job but don't have a car to claim as my own. I...
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Posted on 05/21/14 2:13PM
OK MARYLAND DONORS: PLEASE READ..... We need people in Maryland to donate cars to this charity. There was a 2005 Corrola donated on the Eastern Shore in November of 2010 with about 50 k miles on it and it has been very good to that person. Please understand, we aren't...
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Posted on 05/15/14 1:11PM
Hello, My name is Estelle Thomas, I am 54 and currently living in Orlando,Fl. I normally do not ask for help like this as I try to be independent but it's been a rough couple of years. I've been batting COPD Which makes it hard for me to breathe as it is combine...
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Posted on 02/28/14 6:27AM
God is so good! I am eternally greatful to Brian and all the FCC staff that work so hard to help us. I am thankful to all of my friends here that have voted for me. Especially to those who continued to vote when I was ill and offline for a while. I would encourage people to...