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Hello, I'm a divorced Mother of 4 wonderful kids and a Grandma to 3 Beautiful Grandbabies, I live in a really bad part of town and don't have any finances that will allow me to purchase a car, it's a rough neighborhood and My Daughter and I get harassed at a...
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I am Open Minded
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Army veteran with a family of 3 needing a vehicle badly.
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Hello everyone. I have created this account in order to assist a friend and employee of mine; Eric Thurman. Eric Thurman has been employed as a paraprofessional at Earl M. Lawson Elementary School through the Unified School District 453 for 8 months. He has been under my...
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It All Began on May 30th 2016 when my roommate who was 71 years old passed away from heart failure. It happened in Van Nuys California. On June 4th 2016, West Valley police showed up at my door and gave everybody there a 24-hour verbal notice to vacate. I went to the...
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I'm a single mother who's vehicle broke down and caused me to loss my kid and now I can't afford to fix it or buy another one.
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My story begins many years ago. I was a happy go lucky kid in high school. I was an overachiever if you will. I enjoyed life and did my best to succeed wherever I could, be it sports and academics or simply in just keeping decent grades. (Advanced mathematics was my bane!)...
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Helicopter crash at my work. Lost interest in the job. Need car to get back on feet. Thank you kind people, Sincerely Michael Martin
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I'm a single mom whose car recently stopped working and I can't get to work. I really need this job, and I'm searching for another job that will avail me sufficient income. I am basically immobilized. I can't even go grocery shopping or go to or carry my...
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I'm here to help steph34_272 get a vehicle and anyone else I can