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I'm a single homeless mom with 2 great kids. I've had my money stolen from me at my job on a daily basis causing homelessness I've also had 3 cars taken from me in just a matter if 1 yr please for the love of all humanity help me to fix our lives once again....
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My 2 year old daughter passed away, the expenses of that and trying to maintain living expenses put me in debt. I got pregnant again and just gave birth a week ago. I am basically homeless in and out of peoples houses living out of a suitcase with my newborn son. I have no...
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I went through a horrific domestic violence relationship for the past year. I recently moved back to NY from Florida with nothing but the clothes on my back and staples in my head. Everything I own has been left in FLorida. I have access to nothing. I am a single mother of...
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Here to help those in need. And a friend.
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Here to help a friend in need of a vehicle.
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Iam a single mom of 2. I was working at home making 3,000 a month taking care of my gram mother, when she passed away I lost my gram , my home and almost my car.. ... Now my car is completely ruined. My floor is rotted out every year I was putting in 1,500 to keep it...
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Hello, I'm a newly medically retired veteran. I was in the Air Force for 12 years serving with security forces. I have been medically retired due to my PTSD and also a few injuries I have incurred while serving. I have a family of seven with myself, my wife, and 5...
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I am a pregnant single mother trying to start a new life on my own it would be a blessing to get reliable safe transportation
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Hello Everyone, I am William Trent. I am a 36 year old married father of two, a 5 yr old daughter, and a 6 month old son. We live in Northern Indiana and I have worked in the RV and Manufactured Housing Industries since I was 18. I had an accident causing me to lose...