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Joined on 04/21/18 5:31PM
i come from a poor house hold full of struggle i have a huge passion for cars and the car comunity i have a dream of being aye mastermechanic for nissan toyota subaru i live in a motel room because it is the cheapest for us and a car would really help me to get to work nd...
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My son Tristan Bell is 12 my name is Michelle I'm a single mother my baby daddy died January 18th my son and I moved here to my family we had nowhere else to go I've been working off and on I just recently lost a job that really liked hard picking my son up from...
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I've recently stopped my career and took a entry-level job to assist my elderly parents with the need's. I'm the youngest of 10 children. My parent's were did not raise me. My Aunt did, she was a 106 years old when she passed away. My parent's...
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I take care of my sick mother and I have an infant child. If I don't find my own reliable transportation soon I will lose my job and won't be able to support my family. Please help me.
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I am a survivor & have been a parent since my child-hood. I am also a native of The United States who is an innocent being that has been V I O L A T E D every way one can be. As a parent once more & at location sadly I have gone through all that is monstrous once...
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Hi my name is Karen I am disabled and would love to have a car I'm really in need of one I don't have a car and it would help me get too my doctor appts and other thing to do. This is a great site
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Our cars engine blew yesterday and my husband is supposed to start his new job this coming Monday. We have been having the worst luck latley his work is a half hour drive away. We are just currently stuck and don't know what to do.
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Hello. I am on here telling my story to the world because even if I am not voted for, I can say without a doubt that I tried. Ill cut to the chase! I was married when I was 22 years old. At the time of the 'incident', I had been married 12 years. Also at the time...
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I’m a single mother of 4 gorgeous children, who are my everything. In 2006 I began dating a VERY abusive older man who would strangle me, was narcissistic & cruel to me. Depriving me of using my own vehicles, stalking me, and resulted in my own vehicles being...
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I am going through a divorce. The vehicle must be gotten rid of as it’s in both of our names and the payments are half of my disability check. I need a car to get to the doctor, church, vet and homeless shelter that I volunteer at regularly.