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Joined on 06/28/17 10:44AM
hello my husband just ot a full time fter being unemployed for 4 years his car just broke down he desparately needs a car and the car cannot be fixed he needs a car to get to work and hold his paint equipment we have raised 5 children all with health problems we have a...
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Thankful!! I'm alive.Through this thing called life;the ups the downs ,the smiles ,the pain ,I'm grateful for humanity that daily choose to be loving ,kind and treat one another as we would treat ourselves. I've had wonderful and whirlwind moments in life I...
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Joined on 06/28/17 8:36AM
I am a single mother of two children. I work a full time job. The struggle has been a long and windy road. I have maintained being positive throughout and kept my job for four years. We've been through a homeless shelter, a bed bug ridden apartment, a slumlord trailer...
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Joined on 06/27/17 9:09PM
I'm 27 with 4 children. 2 boys 2 girls ranging from the ages of 11 to 2. I'm looking to win a car for my babies. We recently left their father due to domestic violance sercumstances. He is now currently incarcerated and going to prison soon. My oldest daughter has...
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Joined on 06/27/17 8:50PM
In the month of November on the 18th, I changed banks and established a new checking account at my new bank. This was the middle of the month and I had a Social Security check to be direct deposited yet and because of the timing, I missed establishing a new account location...
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I am a disabled veteran with a large family I have gone through several surgeries. Because of my surgeries I have been unable to get back to work so therefore unable to save the money to get a vehicle for my family.
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Joined on 06/27/17 7:21PM
living a misery i really need a car which is too much for my income all my friends have cars but me its so hurting me inside and making me feel less than my friends always
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this is not for me its for an ex-wife we spent 28 years together and we no longer are connected but im trying to help her in any way i can i have been paying on a car that i just cant afford im going to have to let the car go back she is disabled and she cant afford the...
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I draw SSI and need some help so I can get me and my daughter to our seizure doctor so we can get our medicine and it would be well appreciated if anyone could vote to help me
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My story is,I went to a lemon dealer and he didnt just screw me once, he screwed me 3 times. I used every dime I had to buy a car from a buy here pay here car lot and I had to go ther. No credit and 2 kids at the time to raise alone. That was the only place I could go and...