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Joined on 04/27/17 5:26PM
I am a single mom to 2 beautiful girls and 2 handsome boys. Last June I underwent one surgery but it was two different surgical procedures shortly after I found myself homeless when my fiancé of 6years kicked us out and began staying with my parents sharing an air mattress...
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I am a single mother of a beautiful two year old daughter. I am a recovering drug addict and have been in recovery for 9 months now. I receive no financial aid from her father as he is an addict as well and if headed to prison. Having a car would make it possible to get a...
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My husband and I live paycheck to paycheck. I always help my parents who are disabled and live out of state with money so they can buy food. We always do without one thing to pay for another. We are in debt, and it's not including current medical, dental, and...
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I am in need of a car I live with a friend I am unemployed I haven't been able to get my medication for being biplor and ADHD I haven't been able to even get to a job interview I live out in the country in bridgeville delaware I haven trying to get a job and try...
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My name is Miguel am 18 with a driver license i stay with my mom and siblings i was working for a while but got laid off so it's hard to go out to look for work and its even more harder when my mom has to miss her dr appointment because of no ride i try my best to stay...
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I have been disabled for ten years and after 8 years of being a single mom I married SFC Roy Ellis Hughes on 2/14/2015. On June 3, 2016 a neighbor had to bring me to the battered women's shelter under doctor's orders. Since then I've lived in the battered...
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I don't know my address to facebook right off. Okay here is my story. I am on disability mainly because of heart failure. I qualified for handicap parking placard because of this because I cannot walk very far. It is hard for me to take the bus because of this and...
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My wife and I have been married 31 years. In 1994 she woke up in a pool of blood as when she was 11 fell of a bicycle shattering her left femur. They did surgery including many titanium screws and plates and 2 screws worked loose broke thru the skin just missing the femoral...
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I'm disabled and live alone. I make 735.00 a month SSI and pay 606.00 a month rent. I desperately need a vehicle but can't afford to purchase one.
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I need a car to transport me and my daughter to wherever we need to go. My family is full of rude people who don't care wether or not we get where we need. This city is getting more dangerous every day. I can't work since I don't have transportation or money...