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Joined on 03/23/17 7:31PM
I am a recent single mother of two. Residing on a transitional house due to domestic violence. I did not have the opportunity to progress and educate myself, my husband never allowed me to go to school. I learn English as second language myself, Currently enroll in College...
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At Doncaster Remaps, we provide best diesel car remapping and van speed limiter removal services for your vehicles to improve fuel economy. At here, we also offer diagnostic services & DPF cleaning & repair solutions for many vehicles. https://www.doncaster-remaps....
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Joined on 03/23/17 2:15PM
Hello everyone. My name is Sabrina Bosworth. I am 18 years old, a senior of Jonathan Dayton High School. My brother and I have been struggling with family issues since we were young. Our mother died when I was 12 and we do not live with our father, as both of our parents...
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Disabled and hoping for a blessing to bring normalcy back to my life.
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I have a disability and have been unemployed for many years. I would like to find work and become independent. Having a car would really help me to this. I appreciate any help. Thanks
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i am a single mom with 2 boys ages 5 and 2. I am currently a full time student and also work at my school. I am a survivor of domestic violence. My kids father was beating me in which it got so bad that he stabbed my mother in the chest. The stab wound came 2 inches away...
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I am a single mom and have been for 12 years. It's been extremely hard to say the least. I have battled abuse and homelessness and lack family support but through it all kept my head up,my faith strong and continue to be the best mom I can be by teaching my kids...
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I am a mother of two,a three year old and a soon to be newborn. I am currently 6 months pregnant,employeed and my car engine went out on me. I am a hard working woman who just cant catch a break. I have always worked hard for what my family needs fore i am a single mother...
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Hi, my name is Charles Smith and I am a single father raising a 13yr old daughter. I also have other children not living with me. I have 2 sons born with medical issues, my 15yr old son Nolan has Tourettes and i haven't seen him face to face in 13yrs due to personal...
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I signed up to cast votes for a friend in need of a vehicle. Please do not vote for me, vote for someone who needs it. Thanks!