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I am in need of a car have a 1 year old and a 5 year old i was haveing lots of health problems i am diabetic and have a brain tumor i have had cyberknife a communty hospital but their was no change in size i have been on placed off work due to my health problems i am to...
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So a car company asked my mom what Christmas spirit means to her. Part of it is selfish, she'll admit that but she truly needs that part and she also truly has some amazing fb friends who she consider hero's for many reasons who have helped her a lot and we...
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I'm a single mother just out of an abusive relationship and am presently in hiding so he can't find me. I lost everything I owned because of him and have nowhere to live and no vehicle. It's hard being homeless in the winter and with a young child. Thank god...
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I had a good delivery job with amazon i financed a car and furniture then lost the job could not pay for car nor furniture i now have a repo on my credit plus horrible credit from not being able to pay bills. I am now pregnant due on February 3rd 2018 my fiancée works and...
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I’m a single mom of twin 13yr old I lost my mom this year and took on a lot of debt to save my childhood home where we are currently staying and my sister was terribly burned in a house fire and I have since taken on her care through her recovery . I have a car currently...
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Hi, I am currently 7 1/2 months pregnant. I'm a high risk pregnancy on bed rest and have to drive almost 2 hours away from home to see my pregnancy doctor. I have 3 children already, one 13 year old, and 6 year old twin boys one which is on disability. I'm unable...
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After 14 years my husband abandoned me and our 6 kids last new years day. He hasn't tried to help at all. The children and I have been trying to rebuild our lives.
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I am 62 single stuck in georgia. I came here to do things with my sister. Now my sister doesn`t want to do anything anymore. Having bi-polar, It is now getting worse. Because I don`t have a car , staying in a house that is starting to fall apart and no money to fix...
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I am here seeking help for a disabled lady in the community that my wife helps a few days a week. Yesterday my wife drove her into town in the van the lady owns and she almost got into an accident several times due to having bad brakes. I took the van out and determined...
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i am a single mother i have two daughters and another on the way. i just moved to pa a year ago to escape an abusive relationship. i was able to get my own place for me and my children by low income housing. since i have been here i have had trouble finding a job although i...