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Joined on 02/27/17 6:16PM
I am a 39year old retired CNA_M with a Special needs 17 year old whom has severe allergies and asthma . I lost my vehicle when it was not re inspected due to rust in wheel wells and my son having a mental break causing me to work only per diem and not able to make enough to...
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Joined on 02/27/17 4:29PM
Hey my name is Alexa and I am 18 and pregnant with a beautiful little girl. I am wanting to be able to support her so bad!
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I live in a town with no public transportation or taxis. In 2011 I had an accident at work which set in motion headaches and pain issues. I still worked to support my family until the pain issues became too much, landing me in the hospital. I was denied employment because I...
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Joined on 02/27/17 3:51PM
I live in rural central Alabama and I need some help I guess. I work a fulltime retail job that is one mile away from where I live. My truck is on it's last legs. Radiator is cracked, tie rod ends need to be replaced, transmission is slipping. And it just doesn't...
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My wife and I are missionaries. We met on a mission trip to Guatemala in 2013. We kept in touch and prayed continuously and felt that God was calling us together to do mission work. We got married in Michigan on June 8, 2014, sold all of my belongings, bought a used 4x4...
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Hi my name is Rebecca I have five children and we are new to the Tennessee area we currently live in Intown Suites hotel which is horrible for the children they can't go outside and play like they want to. I am currently looking for a job with the worry of even if they...'s picture
Joined on 02/27/17 2:16PM
Im a single mom with four children we are currently homeless because my ex left us its been a struggle but staying positive. We have no vechicle which makes it hard to get around such as work and school for our daily lives.
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Joined on 02/27/17 1:51PM
In 2015 I became homeless after a domestic violence situation. I had no where to go and no one to turn to. My daughter and I was sent to a shelter. We lived in two shelters for one and a half years. One of the shelter was based on the Lord. They taught us about Jesus.That...
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I was born with whats called tethered cord syndrome. I have had 2 prior lower back surgeries and my neurosurgeon wants me to have a 3rd along with neck surgery to fix some of the degenerative disc disease. I am not able to work. My husband had a slip and fall at work and...
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Single have 6 dogs and a Lot bills to pay. My car that I have isn't reliable transportation to go back and forth to find work. Transmission is bad wheel bearings are bad axle Boot's bad and bad fuel injectors can't afford another Car or to have the one I got...