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Joined on 08/26/10 9:57PM
Last online 08/29/15 1:08PM
My name is Eugene R. Olon about 2 years ago I was on my way to a healing conferance in Lancaster Pennsylvania sponsored by Church of the Word International. I am living on a fixed income of Social Security which I started at age 62. On my way I met a very very sharp turn of...
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Joined on 11/06/11 10:01PM
Last online 07/09/15 6:01PM
I am a single disabled mother struggling to make ends meet in desperate need of transportation. After a terrible accident in which I was passenger that had placed me in a coma for a short while it left me with a limited income and several injuries making things very...
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Joined on 03/07/14 10:43PM
Last online 11/30/15 2:40PM
I am on disability and live with a friend that is on disability...she has a pace maker...she also has diabetic neuropathy and other is very hard and expensive for her to go to the doctors and testing sites...she no longer drives and has no car.... I still...
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Joined on 12/10/10 5:13PM
Last online 11/30/15 8:09AM
hello everone my name is tammy i need a car so i can get my kids back in forth to the doctor one of my kid have atusim and the other one is adhd need a car to get around to different doctor that i have to take them too ever vote we be a blessing in helping me get closer in...
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Joined on 10/03/12 3:52AM
Last online 07/19/15 12:42PM
Hello All,I'm Charley,I am a single mom of a wonderful healthy and smart 13yr old boy.I lost my job a year ago and then lost my car and everything I had to my room mate,I worked out of town and when I came back everything was gone,she took it all and left I have not...
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Joined on 01/07/11 5:46AM
Last online 04/02/12 4:41PM
02/18/2012...Here is the update to my story. I understand many of you were asking where I have been. Your kindness and thoughtfulness has given me alot of spirit uplifting. I am still recuperating from all that chemotherapy and taking care of my four boys. The sad part...
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Joined on 12/11/10 1:44AM
Last online 11/23/12 9:23AM
Hi, I am a single mom of a beautiful daughter. The last 7yrs have been very tough on me. I guess that's where I will start from. I got married on Febrary 26, 2004. My husband and I bought our first new home and had moved in that weekend. We didn't go on a...
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Joined on 10/10/12 8:55AM
Last online 11/30/15 12:38AM
I'm a disabled man who's trying to get back in the work force.I've be diagnosed with COPD and I'm doing EVERYTHING I CAN TO STRENGTHEN MY LUNGS LOSING WEIGHT.I refuse to let COPD or any sickness defeat me.I've been on the FCC family site since 2012...
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Joined on 10/01/13 5:36PM
Last online 11/30/15 9:21AM
'm a disable lady I was sexual abuse, as a kid i was made fun of at school, teaches looked the other way, when the kids pushed me hit me threw rocks at me. all the other kids had to do is say I started it. I would get paddled for something I did not do. My father...
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Joined on 12/04/12 1:12PM
Last online 09/19/14 6:18AM
Update 9/17/14 to my profile. I have been graced with a vehicle with God's help. Finally I can pay it forward to my FCC friends here that are still in need of a vehicle. Now on to finding a new home and a new life. I've been with my current job for 5 months now...