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Joined on 06/04/11 1:56PM
Last online 03/29/15 5:14PM
I am not sure where to start; I am in desperate need of a car, so I think I will just start out with my childhood and go from there. I was horrendously sexually abused throughout my childhood, by my father and 3 brothers. I will be turning 57 later this year and I am...
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Joined on 10/03/12 4:52AM
Last online 01/23/15 3:18AM
Hello All,I'm Charley,I am a single mom of a wonderful healthy and smart 13yr old boy.I lost my job a year ago and then lost my car and everything I had to my room mate,I worked out of town and when I came back everything was gone,she took it all and left I have not...
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Joined on 12/04/12 2:12PM
Last online 09/19/14 7:18AM
Update 9/17/14 to my profile. I have been graced with a vehicle with God's help. Finally I can pay it forward to my FCC friends here that are still in need of a vehicle. Now on to finding a new home and a new life. I've been with my current job for 5 months now...
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Joined on 01/21/14 2:26PM
Last online 03/26/15 2:43PM
I will die without treatment. I was diagnosed with terminal, Stage IV breast cancer that has spread to my spine. I don't own a car and I live about 25 miles to the nearest cancer treatment center. So far I have been depending on family and friends to get to treatment...
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Joined on 03/03/11 10:47PM
Last online 08/31/14 5:18AM
i am 37 years old and i have a son whom is 21 years old and has 2 children of his own and i also have 5 children whom are my wife's that i take as my own. it is at this time in our lives that our children have started to not come around us or let us see our...
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Joined on 06/29/10 9:19PM
Last online 03/13/13 10:15AM
Update (7/10) Got car fixed for now, but it is only a matter of time before something else major goes wrong & I'll be back to square 1 with no car. HELP! I am in DESPERATE need of a car! My car has been undrivable since 4/23/10. (I have not left my yard since 5/16/...
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Joined on 10/09/10 6:48PM
Last online 03/25/15 8:00PM
The best way to tell my story is through a website I created for my son. I haven't yet promoted this website and I'm not using it to solicit monetary donations from anyone on free charity cars. It's for informational purposes only so that you'll better...
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Joined on 10/13/13 1:41PM
Last online 03/29/15 6:40PM
My 18 year marriage came to an end, unfortunately, trying to piece our lives back together. It has been a two year battle with health issues, financial and legal issues that never seem to end. Receiving a car would help drastically change our lives. Please consider voting...
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Joined on 07/30/10 2:03PM
Last online 06/16/11 11:11AM
God has been very good to me all the way back to allowing me to be raised in a loving family to letting me say "I am a Breast Cancer survivor"! I have quite a few health issues such as COPD/Emphysema, Stenosis of the lower spine, sleep apnea, Liver damage (result...
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Joined on 01/28/10 2:36PM
Last online 03/28/15 9:25AM
Update 3-12-2011-Not much to update still pretty much the same-still waiting wondering losing Hope -how can you have Hope where there is none.Happy for others that have received a Car. As a TTY user i have concerns the call that will change my life may come and i will not...