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Joined on 12/08/10 2:28PM
Last online 04/23/14 10:51AM
im mentally and physically disabled my little car died in june and no one can figure out whats wrong i live where there is no public transportation i need a car to drive25 miles each way to go to the dr and therapist my husband abandoned me while i was ill and has...
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Joined on 12/19/12 9:31AM
Last online 04/12/14 6:29AM
my family is in danger of losing our house since my wifes unemployment ran out in 2009. she has had back surgery twice and since has not been able to find a job.we are now one income only barely making our bills each month.if we didn't suppliment our income by visiting...
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Joined on 05/10/12 3:49PM
Last online 04/23/14 10:27PM
I am a single mother living in a rural area with my 76 year old aunt and 18 year old son. My son still lives with me because he has some problems being around people and socializing, leaving him home-bound for the past 2½ years. It has been almost one year since my aunt...
ange's picture
Joined on 09/20/10 8:04PM
Last online 09/27/13 12:31PM
Update: 5/27/2012: I was blessed yesterday to be given by a love one their old car. It has over 306,000 miles and doesn't have much longer. However, I am able to get around for now and hopefully with your continue support and promoting FCC I might be able to get a more...
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Joined on 11/01/09 8:50PM
Last online 10/29/12 10:42PM
I have been Blessed with a Vehicle and No longer need a Vehicle.....I'm Very Thankful to have a Vehicle and to have seen so many friends Gifted with a Vehicle from Free Charity Cars.~~~~~~~ This was My Story, Hi, My name is Melanie, I have a beautiful family and my 2...
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Joined on 12/14/09 4:08PM
Last online 07/14/11 10:33AM
I am retired from US Postal Service and I have earned an extremely little pension $172. I live in a small city(35 miles away from Daytona Beach,FL),where no any public transportation. I am a single person with low income-137% of povetry level which is official data from...
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Joined on 01/09/10 9:41PM
Last online 01/24/14 11:27AM
Update.....We had to move as the house we were renting was foreclosed on from our landlord. But thats ok! The plumbing had went bad, so bad that the kitchen sink would back into the bathtub and smell like sewer. The wiring was bad also. there were numerous times that we...
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Joined on 03/09/11 4:55PM
Last online 04/23/14 5:02PM
I never could foresee my life in the downward spiral it has been in. I often ask God what my purpose is on this Earth. I still do not know. I take one day at a time, and always pray I can see or find the "right" way. I try to make good choices, but have been...
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Joined on 03/13/11 8:16PM
Last online 04/23/14 7:14PM
Hopefully soon I will get the call, I am so desperate for a car, so I can get my life back and feel normal. My name is Michael, I now live in Colton, CA. Living with my father. Spent most of my life in the bay area around my family. Went to trade School and became a...
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Joined on 12/04/12 2:12PM
Last online 04/23/14 11:22AM
Update 3/3/14 my profile. I'm in a new area, this time it has taken me to Tinton Falls, NJ. Here is where I make my final stand to make my dreams come true. Time to swim not sink, no more drama, no more lies or broken promises are going to keep me from what God has...

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