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Joined on 09/13/12 8:35AM
Last online 12/03/16 10:09PM
April 30th, 2015 My name is Dianne, I have 3 children, 7 grandchildren, also a single parent, most of my Life, which is just fine! I worked 2 jobs up till about later part 2011, Feb 2012. In 1995, I was a pedestrian, an was hit by a truck, which inturn, broke part of back...
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Joined on 08/31/11 2:00PM
Last online 08/07/16 4:07PM
Hi, I'm Kitty. I'm a 33 year old woman living in Seattle Washington. I am the mother of a 10 year old little girl named Sylvia, who is my everything. She doesn't live with me due to financial reasons (she lives with her daddy) but I get to see her every other...
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Joined on 01/13/10 4:22PM
Last online 09/02/15 6:29AM
Update: On January 29, 2011 after six months of waiting for the VA to give me a decison on my PTSD hearing they gave me 30% disabilty, they also gave me additional 10% for my second metatarsal fracture on my right foot. Update: On July 29th I had a doctor's...
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Joined on 02/20/10 11:44PM
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About in 2000 I met my husband to be online through yahoo. He was the best thing that ever walked into my life, I had already raised my 3 kids,so it started out to be just me and my husband. Warren was my night in shining armor,this man was everything to me, everything I...
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Joined on 07/05/12 1:21PM
Last online 10/02/16 12:11PM
My story is ever changing like a flower. Being a member of this site for the last year has changed me in ways I could never have imagined. By praying for those I vote for it became a joyful daily job. Since I joined a little over a year ago. Going on the fourth year of...
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Joined on 06/04/11 12:56PM
Last online 05/10/16 6:05AM
I am not sure where to start; I am in desperate need of a car, so I think I will just start out with my childhood and go from there. I was horrendously sexually abused throughout my childhood, by my father and 3 brothers. I will be turning 57 later this year and I am...
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Joined on 08/26/10 9:57PM
Last online 05/23/16 2:15PM
My name is Eugene R. Olon about 2 years ago I was on my way to a healing conferance in Lancaster Pennsylvania sponsored by Church of the Word International. I am living on a fixed income of Social Security which I started at age 62. On my way I met a very very sharp turn of...
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Joined on 12/10/10 5:13PM
Last online 12/31/15 1:28PM
hello everone my name is tammy i need a car so i can get my kids back in forth to the doctor one of my kid have atusim and the other one is adhd need a car to get around to different doctor that i have to take them too ever vote we be a blessing in helping me get closer in...
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Joined on 04/30/10 5:52PM
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For four hours, I was held hostage,terrorized and then shot twice in the chest. It was done by the man I was married to at the time. He first pointed the gun at my head then lowered it and fired twice. I had my left kidney, spleen, and part of my pancreas removed. Ten...
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Joined on 12/13/14 11:45PM
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My name is Eric, I am disabled due to a severe head injury from a car wreck and I have a 6 year old little boy who is autistic that lives with his mother and am not able to go see him to be with him, or take him to doctors appointments without a car. My little boys mother...