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Joined on 08/26/10 9:57PM
Last online 12/21/14 1:12AM
My name is Eugene R. Olon about 2 years ago I was on my way to a healing conferance in Lancaster Pennsylvania sponsored by Church of the Word International. I am living on a fixed income of Social Security which I started at age 62. On my way I met a very very sharp turn of...
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Joined on 03/09/11 3:55PM
Last online 12/20/14 7:49PM
As the holidays arrive, the emptiness and loneliness of not having a family hurts to the core. I protected and saved children from the abuse I endured from a baby until my late teens. I never want anyone to feel the pain, endure the years of struggle and trauma, and all...
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Joined on 10/03/12 3:52AM
Last online 12/19/14 8:59PM
Hello All,I'm Charley,I am a single mom of a wonderful healthy and smart 13yr old boy.I lost my job a year ago and then lost my car and everything I had to my room mate,I worked out of town and when I came back everything was gone,she took it all and left I have not...
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Joined on 10/09/10 5:48PM
Last online 12/21/14 7:47PM
The best way to tell my story is through a website I created for my son. I haven't yet promoted this website and I'm not using it to solicit monetary donations from anyone on free charity cars. It's for informational purposes only so that you'll better...
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Joined on 07/30/10 1:03PM
Last online 06/16/11 10:11AM
God has been very good to me all the way back to allowing me to be raised in a loving family to letting me say "I am a Breast Cancer survivor"! I have quite a few health issues such as COPD/Emphysema, Stenosis of the lower spine, sleep apnea, Liver damage (result...
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Joined on 01/28/10 1:36PM
Last online 11/19/14 11:21AM
Update 3-12-2011-Not much to update still pretty much the same-still waiting wondering losing Hope -how can you have Hope where there is none.Happy for others that have received a Car. As a TTY user i have concerns the call that will change my life may come and i will not...
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Joined on 09/29/13 2:38PM
Last online 12/22/14 12:36AM
Hi i am Dave. I am disabled with a bad back. We just recently totaled our 1995 car. I have a ill 91 old mother that has had surgery for colon cancer and also mesh surgery she has also just been Diagnosis with cellulitis on her feet and legs. She is also diabetic. I...
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Joined on 02/20/11 3:33AM
Last online 02/03/13 6:52PM
I'm happy to say that after almost 3 years without a car I was able to purchase a car this week. I've been on FCC for 2 years with no luck so took matters into my own hands and now have a vehicle and will have my college degree in May. Never give up hope that you...
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Joined on 01/21/14 1:26PM
Last online 12/10/14 11:02PM
I will die without treatment. I was diagnosed with terminal, Stage IV breast cancer that has spread to my spine. I don't own a car and I live about 25 miles to the nearest cancer treatment center. So far I have been depending on family and friends to get to treatment...
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Joined on 10/07/10 2:38PM
Last online 02/14/13 8:55PM
Update on 1/15/12....need a reliable vehicle for continuous trips to DMC (3+ hrs. away in heavy traffic)for MRI' tumor is still in my head!!! So far so good, but, every 3 months I have to make the trip !! Next trip is scheduled for February 2012.... 10/18/11...