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Joined on 07/24/10 9:18AM
Last online 02/05/14 10:43PM
To those interested, This is my story I am a 33 year old man and I reside in NC in an extremely rural area. Growing up I always had a dream I was dedicated to accomplish. On April 11, 1997 I accomplished that dream by graduating from boot camp and earning the...
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Joined on 10/13/13 12:41PM
Last online 12/01/15 7:12AM
My 18 year marriage came to an end, unfortunately, trying to piece our lives back together. It has been a two year battle with health issues, financial and legal issues that never seem to end. Receiving a car would help drastically change our lives. Please consider voting...
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Joined on 08/16/09 2:02AM
Last online 02/28/14 8:32AM
8/12/10 If I could just get a decent van (mine is on its last leg) I may be able to get Medicaid to add the wheelchair lift. Situation is desperate! I am a 67 year old mother with two Special Needs children. My husband has been deceased for 19 years and I work at WalMart...
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Joined on 01/24/11 6:04PM
Last online 12/01/15 10:17PM
In 2009 my husband lost his job with a restaurant, and I lost mine at a radio station in Jan. 2010. We went about a year with no jobs, and are now having it very rough. Our car was repossessed and creditors were hounding us. Our house was going to go into foreclosure. We...
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Joined on 04/30/10 5:52PM
Last online 12/01/15 12:04AM
For four hours, I was held hostage,terrorized and then shot twice in the chest. It was done by the man I was married to at the time. He first pointed the gun at my head then lowered it and fired twice. I had my left kidney, spleen, and part of my pancreas removed. Ten...
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Joined on 11/17/11 10:02AM
Last online 11/28/15 4:41PM
It's been four years since I've joined FCC. I've voted, promoted and have been acquainted with some very nice people here who are supportive and wonderful especially during some of the trying times. I laugh, I cry, but most of all I'm grateful for all...
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Joined on 12/06/09 6:16AM
Last online 03/17/11 4:24AM
Hello everyone first I would like to say I am very sorry I haven't been on. Life has been a whirlwind. I will explain. But let me say thank you to all who kept voting for me and having faith in me as a friend. And for keeping me on you friends list. Please know I will...
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Joined on 03/09/11 3:55PM
Last online 11/30/15 2:24PM
I need to get out of here. I am scared, I can't take it anymore. I get screamed at constantly, called names threatened, I am so tired and sick ....I have no family, no where to go...I need to escape but I can't. Living with an alcoholic is unbearable....I haven...
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Joined on 10/10/10 6:59PM
Last online 01/07/13 12:38AM
hello, my son has neurofibramotosis and just had brain surgery on 9-23-10. they removed part of a tumor on his brain behind his left eye which the tumor ate thu the eye bone causing the tumor to start pushing out his eye and causing it to paulseate. they had to take a pice...
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Joined on 04/22/10 8:32PM
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Got a car. Now paying it forward - Voting, promoting and fixing Friends computers. Speed loading Recent Activity list Works with Firefox not IE): (Need to add 'Tab Mix Plus' addon'. Place mouse at the beginning of first name. Pressing control [Ctrl] key...