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Joined on 01/09/10 9:12PM
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I am a 60 year old man that is newly married to a beautiful wife. I am very proud of it.Thank you. Has had a heart attack with 2 stents installed. Then I had 3 strokes, Also I just had another stent put in. which left my left leg practically useless. I live with my wife...
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Joined on 07/24/10 10:18AM
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To those interested, This is my story I am a 33 year old man and I reside in NC in an extremely rural area. Growing up I always had a dream I was dedicated to accomplish. On April 11, 1997 I accomplished that dream by graduating from boot camp and earning the...
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Joined on 03/09/11 4:55PM
Last online 04/25/16 7:16PM
To be able to get to a store to get food when you are so hungry and there is nothing to eat, but the store is too far to walk in the cold and the pain that keeps you down makes a walk that far seem impossible in the nicest weather. To be able to do laundry, get quarters...
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Joined on 08/16/09 3:02AM
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8/12/10 If I could just get a decent van (mine is on its last leg) I may be able to get Medicaid to add the wheelchair lift. Situation is desperate! I am a 67 year old mother with two Special Needs children. My husband has been deceased for 19 years and I work at WalMart...
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Joined on 11/15/11 12:19AM
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I'm a disabled mom with multiple disabling conditions as well as having FIVE disabled children OUT OF THE SIX, two who reside in residential. I rarely get to see my darling daughters and it breaks my heart. I do call to check on them but they can't respond because...
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Joined on 11/17/11 11:02AM
Last online 05/28/16 10:37AM
This is the fifth year since I've joined FCC. I've voted, promoted and have been acquainted with some very nice people here who are supportive and wonderful especially during some of the trying times. I laugh, I cry, but most of all I'm grateful for all the...
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Joined on 01/03/13 9:58PM
Last online 05/28/16 8:22PM
i am a 50 yr old female,i have worked in a nursing home since i was 16 yrs old,i endend up hurting my knee in 2006 at work and was unable to work for 2 yrs my social security didnt kick in until i had to go back to work,knowing i had to support my myself and daughter,2009...
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Joined on 11/26/13 1:53PM
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My Story: This has been a long and complex journey. I have experienced many things in my 64 years and I have come to a crossroads that force me to speak out in a forceful manner. It is not a complaint as such; it is more of a plea to open the doors that seem to be...
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Joined on 04/22/10 9:32PM
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Got a car. Now paying it forward - Voting, promoting and fixing Friends computers. Speed loading Recent Activity list Works with Firefox not IE): (Need to add 'Tab Mix Plus' addon'. Place mouse at the beginning of first name. Pressing control [Ctrl] key...
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Joined on 12/06/09 7:16AM
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Hello everyone first I would like to say I am very sorry I haven't been on. Life has been a whirlwind. I will explain. But let me say thank you to all who kept voting for me and having faith in me as a friend. And for keeping me on you friends list. Please know I will...