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Joined on 07/24/11 4:09PM
Last online 05/28/14 7:19PM
Firstly, we'd like to thank FCC CEO:Brian Menzies, Reggie A., Michelle & ALL FCC Verified members for making this Blessed website possible. My husband & I are both disabled & desperate-no car for 4+ years, as our 15-year old Chevy Blazer had to be scrapped...
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Joined on 04/23/12 11:01AM
Last online 04/18/18 11:56PM
I have been a member of this Great organization since April 2012, I found this organization to be a Blessing to myself as well as 1000's of others. I have seen cars awarded, seen Hope renewed, Prayers answered, made the most amazing friendships. I Thank God that I...
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Joined on 10/03/10 10:06AM
Last online 04/14/18 8:17AM
thank you for all the letters of support . I don,t think anyone can help ,but your offers mean a lot to me,I have to make the decision,I prayed for answers and heard none so I guess it is up to me now...
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Joined on 12/20/12 5:53PM
Last online 03/06/18 8:49PM
My name is Jamie, me and my twin Joni currently live with our mother. My mother has scoliosis, osteoporosis, and rheumatoid and osteoarthritis in both hands & feet. She has bunions and bone spurs on her feet that would require surgery to remove. She does her best to...
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Joined on 10/12/10 5:28AM
Last online 09/28/15 5:14PM
Hello everyone. My husband and I are living on his Social Security Disability income, and my whopping $49 dollars a month SSI check. Our cars transmission has been going out for awhile now, and now you can hear the breaks rubbing really bad in need of new breaks.Cars go...
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Joined on 09/23/12 4:22AM
Last online 03/04/18 10:37PM
Update: I was just given my first eviction notice given by the United States Veterans Administration, please watch my CH 12 news interview
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Joined on 01/16/12 3:54PM
Last online 04/16/18 5:03PM
I am so grateful to God for giving me the strength to cope with my Multiple Sclerosis. I realize now that my MS is manageable but it is always exacerbated by my poverty. Yes, walking to get the basic necessities is extremely difficult. I hate to inconvenience the few people...
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Joined on 08/04/10 7:43PM
Last online 05/22/12 2:48PM
I joined this community a year and a half ago. Originally, I did so in hopes of acquiring a vehicle to get to various doctor appointments necessary as a result of my disability, as well as to ease the stress of performing routine tasks, such as grocery shopping and...
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Joined on 10/30/11 8:12AM
Last online 03/22/15 11:24AM
It is with great sadness that we must announce that Michael Lonigro, (Daytonamike88) age 57, of Daytona Beach, died March 22, 2015. He will be missed. Our deepest condolences to all of his friends, and family.
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Joined on 01/24/10 7:24AM
Last online 04/12/16 7:01AM
Hello friends! I figured it was time to change my story after 3 years of being on this site. I came here looking for a car just like all of you! Over these three years, boy how my life has changed. I came here praying for a car after my husband of 23 years walked out on...