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Welcome to Free Charity Cars! I am Michelle, your Site Administrator here to assist you in your journey! If you have any questions or issues with the site please feel free to message me here on the site or directly at
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Welcome to Free Charity Cars and The HowToPage! I am Michelle (milodeke) the Site Administrator, Social Network Manager and Content Writer for Charity Cars. The How To Page is a portal to answers for many questions members may have when they become a part of our community....
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Welcome to Free Charity Cars! I am Michelle (milodeke), your Site Administrator here to assist you in your journey! This page is a portal to resources for members who are in need of assistance. Friend me, read my blogs & watch my videos. Feel free to email me if you...
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First of all I'm not going to talk about my past,othre than to say God has been with me always through thick and thin....That said:My only source of income is Social Security which barely gets me through,if that.I supplement that by going to food banks.I can't...
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As most of you know by now, I got a vehicle, so I will be staying and transferring out, but I still need my friends to vote so I can do that. I still vote daily for friends but its getting hard as so many have given up , as the activity list is not working. So vote your...
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♩1♩2♩3♩4~~You are not alone~ If you are lonely~ ♩~When you're feeling frail~ You're not the only~ ♩~We are all the same in need of mercy~ ♩~To be forgiven and be free~ ♩~It's all you got to lean on~ ♩~But thank God it's all you need~~~ ♩~And all the...
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Will be posting an updated story soon. See latest blog for original story/about me.
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Time to update my story. I have been on this site for 6 years waiting for a car. My health has really went down hill this past year. I have anemia and they don't know where the blood is going. That is why I fell and broke my ankle. On the same day I was to have...
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Firstly, we'd like to thank FCC CEO:Brian Menzies, Reggie A., Michelle & ALL FCC Verified members for making this Blessed website possible. My husband & I are both disabled & desperate-no car for 4+ years, as our 15-year old Chevy Blazer had to be scrapped...
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Welcome to We want you to know that we understand how difficult life can be without a vehicle, having had the experience ourselves. Although our charity's car-donation / distribution program was established in 1996, this new website was soft-...