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Recent Recipients

Marybeth Hilbert's picture
Posted on 08/12/16 3:16PM
Stay positive,stay active and promote,promote,promote! The more people find out about this awesome program means that more cars have a chance to be donated, and more donated cars means we all have a better chance to receive one! Vote and promote!
gfin3's picture
Posted on 08/03/16 7:51PM
Hi I am here asking for your help in receiving a truly needed vehicle. I am on disability and can't afford to buy one. I need transportation not only for my doctors but also to be able to shop for necessities, I miss lots of appointments due to no transportation. I do...

New Members

cbordelon11's picture
Joined on 08/24/16 5:20AM
I'm a 23 year old female struggling to find work due to need of a vehicle. Jobs are at least 45 minutes away and I'm living in the boondocks.
karen s kyle's picture
Joined on 08/24/16 4:26AM
I am a single mom of 5 kids, 4 boys and 1 daughter. I still have one 16 year old son still at home with me. After working for the post office for over 13 years as a mail carrier in Dallas Texas I had to resign due to severe back problems that happened over time from all of...