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johnnybeep's picture
Posted on 06/14/16 10:07PM
i sure do miss my subaru gl 1983 had it for ten yrs.The year 1999, i got the car. now 2011 no car ride the bus the bus gets hit i sure do miss car.
Sugar Cohens's picture
Posted on 05/16/16 12:54PM
I am a single mother of four one with Autisum. I move here from Oregon about three years ago to take care of my mommy who recently past away. That same month my car was stolen, I used the insureance money and bought a different car. I got screwed and the car won't pass...

New Members

Fallen Leal's picture
Joined on 06/27/16 12:07AM
Hi I'm 28 Years old I have no children and I go to school and work I do have my own place with a low income complex and I love it all my life I lived rough from house to house from every different family member finally being at 28 I finally got back into school plus...
lexii2511's picture
Joined on 06/27/16 12:04AM
I'm a mom of three kids aged 3 4 and 5 I lost them last year to the state but with hard work I got them back april 20th 2016 I am in need of a car to maintain appointments and t to get simple task done because I have a three yr old disabled son who needs a lot of care...