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Posted on 08/03/15 1:00PM
Since I was quite young, I have always struggled with a profound sense of all consuming anxiety and fear. That pervasive anxiety served to hinder my life in a myriad of ways as my life has always been consumed with an unimaginable amount of dread. I was diagnosed with...
Paddy's picture
Posted on 07/27/15 10:50AM
I recently graduated from the merchant marine academy. i would like to get on with my career and life but unfortunetly am at a stand still. my job requires me to be able to travel. most jobs are out of state and I have no transportation to apply. i have full confidence that...

New Members

red_valentine 1220's picture
Joined on 08/03/15 6:35PM
Im a single mother of three young children. We just got moved into our first apartment. I currently go to school for massage therapy. Im almost halfway through the program. I borrow vehicles from friends or receive rides from classmates to get from Galveston to Webster...
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Joined on 08/03/15 5:31PM
I became a single mom a little over a year ago. I am a mother to four incredible children. I have attempted to work but it is difficult to find a job that allows for a balance. I was working for the post office for 9 months but I never seen my children and I could not keep...