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Recent Recipients

Paddy's picture
Posted on 07/27/15 10:50AM
I recently graduated from the merchant marine academy. i would like to get on with my career and life but unfortunetly am at a stand still. my job requires me to be able to travel. most jobs are out of state and I have no transportation to apply. i have full confidence that...
JuanaEspinoza-Rose's picture
Posted on 07/03/15 5:00PM
4/15/15 update: I now have a car! Well, I have half ownership as my brother pulled in the other half for a 22-yr old Honda. I still have a 50/50 chance of taking the bus if my brother secures work and needs the car. I now have a HOUSE! No more bad memories of the living...

New Members

dragon69's picture
Joined on 08/01/15 7:11AM
my soon tobe exhusband kicked me out and kept everything because i am fighting to get my disability because i am not able to work because of my my legs and knees i cant stand or sit for no more than two hours and absolutly no kneeling or getting on my knees and i can only...
maritza1356's picture
Joined on 08/01/15 12:47AM
I am a 59 yr. old Cna. Life has been good, but sometimes has been difficult. All my life had the need to struggle and fend for myself. At times bad decisions and letting myself being led by my emotions has made me make some terrible mistakes. Mistakes that I keep...