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Recent Recipients

djy253's picture
Posted on 05/20/17 1:31PM
I am grateful beyond words. I received a car and now I'm in the process of giving back. I have been treated with kindness and respect from all of the FCC family and workers from the start. God bless all who took the time to vote and to the very generous doners!
Cynthia Wolff's picture
Posted on 05/20/17 1:29PM
Thanks to FCC, I received this beautiful car. Since I received this car last week, my whole life has changed for the better. I have gotten that full time position I've been waiting for and I am now able to go to all the places I couldn't go to before. I thank...

New Members

satay123's picture
Joined on 05/26/17 2:02AM
I was adopted from Uganda by amazing people. It's a long story about how it happened, but it is a beautiful miracle. I love my parents, but times have been hard for me since college started. I am currently trying to figure out my life and trying to escape this deep...
Tmbpab2's picture
Joined on 05/26/17 1:00AM
I'm the mother of 2 children my son is disabled he is 5 yrs old he has something called left hemeperisis due to a stroke in utero and has to have occupational therapy once a week he also was diagnosed with High Functioning Autism 2 yrs ago I'm am struggling with...