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Maries's picture
Posted on 12/09/14 3:14PM
Thank-you all for all of your votes and support. Haven't seen the car yet and will be staying on FCC to vote and support. First trip will be to see my Dr. and do the follow up after leaving the hosp. Then pick up meds and see my eye Dr and dentist. So much to catch up...
Paula Phillips's picture
Posted on 12/09/14 3:13PM
OK so many of you know a lot of my issues as I tell it all on here LOL so anyways I joined a site called you sign up for a free car and you vote and other people vote for you and then a person will donate a car and guess what?? I GOT A VAN!!...

New Members

jessica6621's picture
Joined on 12/18/14 9:38AM
my brother and his wife are adopting there 4 grandchildren and have 2 of there own they have a car but its not big enough for them to go anywhere together.and the car is falling a part.i thought i would sign up so they could get a van
tdavis24's picture
Joined on 12/18/14 9:09AM
Hello. I am trying to earn a new car for my sister-in-law who is in dire need of transportation. I would do this for myself since I need one as well but since this website is all about helping others I would like to do this for her. I call my sis-in-law, Marie, my sister I...