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ThankSnow's picture
Posted on 10/23/14 3:36PM
On 10.10.14 (day 10 living in my car), I "got the call" from Brian. They have a car for me. Thank you Brian, Milodeke and the rest of the FCC staff for all your work. I have been so fortunate here on FCC to have been blessed with many loving friends. You guys...
jenphamtastic's picture
Posted on 10/23/14 3:34PM
Thank you for the support everyone! I couldn't have made it without all your help!

New Members

mandy l. davis's picture
Joined on 10/31/14 6:06AM
I can say I know what its . like living on both sides of the streets. I've been homeless for over a year and finally got a place with my family. Its not permanent but temp. we do have roommates. I'm trying to get my old job. At Avalon Health Care. I went from...
Urme92's picture
Joined on 10/31/14 2:58AM
I got a divorce October 2013, single mom raising children lost my vehicle thru divorce. I am needing a car. I walk back and forth to work everyday I work full time trying to provide for my chidren as many others do too. I'm not able to get a loan due to my credit and...