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alisaj92's picture
Posted on 08/27/15 1:48PM
I am getting my two kids permanently due to there mom loosing custody and I have a 9 month old for us its okay getting around without a car but with school doctors appointments and all the other things that come along with having kids not having a car is terrible telling my...
BLIQUEMIST's picture
Posted on 08/25/15 1:04PM
Im a 30 yr old mother of a 2yr old girl.she is my entire world.Back in may 2013 i lost my job of 9rys. With that i lost my health insurance my apartment, my car and almost my mind.To see the car i had for 2yrs getting repo due to my lack of income getting towed away was so...

New Members

Dustin101's picture
Joined on 08/29/15 5:40PM
My name is Dustin my wife has congestive heart failure and I am on ssi so after all the bills I have about 20$ left I have a nueralogic disorder called atrafy that's why I get ssi I want to work but nobodey will hire me
barb e's picture
Joined on 08/29/15 5:20PM
I am a 60-yr-old disabled woman. My car died in July (6 weeks ago). I walk with a cane or walker. I live 8 miles from the nearest town. I need a vehicle to get to town, to the doctor, all the things people use a car for. I don't know what else to say. I am praying for...