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ADHaudio's picture
Posted on 02/25/15 1:07PM
Disabled USMC veteran since Oct 1984. Worked in electronics at Naval Air Warfare Center, Hughes Aircraft, & Raytheon Tech Services in Indpls from May 1988 to May 2002. Held a 2d job with The International Alliance of Theatrical & Stage Employees (IATSE) Local 30 as...
second shot at life's picture
Posted on 02/12/15 7:53PM
Truly I have seen stories here that touch my heart but I have 3infecttions that are really getting me down I have been truned down by 3dealers;the money they ask for payments I know I wont ever be able to make.I have so many doctors appointments that I miss some.don't...

New Members

rosepetal12's picture
Joined on 03/29/15 4:44AM
I am a single mom and only working part-time (27-28 hours weekly). I have a car but needs repairs I can't afford. As soon as one thing gets fixed something else goes wrong. I would like a car that will be reliable to get me to work and pick up my daughter from school.
talenagivens's picture
Joined on 03/28/15 9:40PM
I was without a car for many years and only recieved one when my mom bought a new one. The car has nothing but problems and when I fix one thing, another goes wrong. I have already put all the money I can afford into it trying to make it work, but when the work surpasses my...