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Recent Recipients

bipolarBrian's picture
Posted on 05/28/18 4:25PM
I am a 52 year old VETERAN, and nonservice-connected disabled man who suffers from bipolar disorder, depression, as well as other maladies. I do not own a car, and in fact own a laptop, a printer, new rollerblades I still owe $300 on, some clothes, and that is all. Because...
MarineAirWingMike's picture
Posted on 05/12/18 11:05PM
I have been so fortunate to receive a car. Thank you to the wonderful staff here and all who have voted me. I now staying on this website to collect and transfer votes. So please do not give up, keep thankfulness in your heart and hope for the best.

New Members

Dakwolf75's picture
Joined on 06/02/18 8:21PM
I have a 2 year old son that was just recently diagnosed with Autism. If anyone reading this understands then you also know that a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder can be chaotic, nerve rattling and stressful! So stressful that many families like myself do not take the...
lildashley2003's picture
Joined on 06/02/18 6:15PM
I am the mommy to 2 very sweet little boys, one has Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder. Life has been very difficult for us since he got diagnosed 2 years ago. We need a good working car to get to doctor appointments, therapies and school starting this year. This would...