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Posted on 02/25/15 1:07PM
Disabled USMC veteran since Oct 1984. Worked in electronics at Naval Air Warfare Center, Hughes Aircraft, & Raytheon Tech Services in Indpls from May 1988 to May 2002. Held a 2d job with The International Alliance of Theatrical & Stage Employees (IATSE) Local 30 as...
second shot at life's picture
Posted on 02/12/15 7:53PM
Truly I have seen stories here that touch my heart but I have 3infecttions that are really getting me down I have been truned down by 3dealers;the money they ask for payments I know I wont ever be able to make.I have so many doctors appointments that I miss some.don't...

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samoneab's picture
Joined on 03/29/15 12:13PM
My story is I was married living in his house with no job..he went an got a car and we got divorced in Aug 0f 2013 the papers said I pay half of the car mind me with no job to pay my part well in June of 2014 I got a part time position with 29 hrs...then I had to find my...
theresanfl1's picture
Joined on 03/29/15 10:09AM
I was born with Spina Bifida and paraneal palsy. I have had 25 operations. I have always had to wear a brace on my left leg. During my first spine surgery at age 9, nerve damage caused me to lose total feeling of my left foot. My 3rd spine surgery at age 18, I lost feeling...