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Posted on 12/18/14 3:29PM
Update 7/29/14 My daughter will be going to a college for free this school year since she is so diligent in her efforts to make a better life for herself. She is a senior in High School so the state is picking it up. We still need a more reliable car. 8/21 I was told my car...
Maries's picture
Posted on 12/09/14 3:14PM
Thank-you all for all of your votes and support. Haven't seen the car yet and will be staying on FCC to vote and support. First trip will be to see my Dr. and do the follow up after leaving the hosp. Then pick up meds and see my eye Dr and dentist. So much to catch up...

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my gson is somebody's picture
Joined on 12/22/14 6:11AM
I have a grandson who is now 18. He is in the 12th grade and wants to go to college.He just got his drivers license waiting on me to get to the point where maybe I can get him a little used car. The sad part is my health is declining. I keep having set backs. This year has...
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Joined on 12/22/14 4:47AM
My name is fantasia conner and I am 19 yrs old. I am basically struggling and have been living home to home from the past year now. I am a very positive person and always joyful no matter what my situation is. I want to make a better living and job career for my 18 yr old...