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Jodi Brown's picture
Posted on 07/29/16 4:00PM
My 18 year marriage came to an end, unfortunately, trying to piece our lives back together. It has been a two year battle with health issues, financial and legal issues that never seem to end. Receiving a car would help drastically change our lives. Please consider voting...
Amanda princess's picture
Posted on 07/29/16 3:58PM
In the past few years my daughter has been diagnosed with mild seizures, sleep apnea, metabolic syndrome, MTHFR, focal cortex dysplasia, being born with only one kidney, asthma, acid reflux, and more. So with all her medical and physical problems we go to the doctor at...

New Members

eglende2's picture
Joined on 07/30/16 1:54AM
I am a 21 year old girl with anxiety disorder. I don't get along with my mom and my room mate has to drive me everywhere, but he can't always do that because he has to work full time as well. It's hard for me to handle not always being able to secure a ride...
jarebearness's picture
Joined on 07/29/16 7:22PM
I recently was left by my ex wife, she took our daughter and completely cut off all contact with me. Meanwhile I still go to her grandmas house(because she's like my grandma) and help her almost everyday, she live 12 miles away and I bike there, in the rain, the sun,...