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ejkaminski66's picture
Posted on 05/29/15 5:35PM
Hello Everyone, After being an FCC member now for 2 1/2 years I feel it's time to update my situation to make it more current. I was unemployed 2009 and 2010-Got a job with company car in 2011 and got laid off in 2012-Lost job and company car. I have been a victim of...
sdurand68's picture
Posted on 05/19/15 11:17PM
I'm in the process of looking for work with the help of the Department of Rehabilitation. Hopefully I'll find work soon because I'll be needing another place to live soon. I'm having problems with the people I'm renting a room from. I need a...

New Members

heather.stauffer88's picture
Joined on 05/30/15 4:05PM
Hello. I am a mother of three children and another child on the way. I recently lost my job due to transportation issues. We have been without a vehicle for about 2 months now. We find it difficult sometimes just to find a way to the grocery store. My husband is also trying...
jullyxa1216's picture
Joined on 05/30/15 1:26PM
on July 1 of 2014 I was going on break from work heading to the store went to close to a curve while turning and lost control of my car and went 25 ft down a ditch and completely totaled my car was 2 weeks hospitalize and 2 weeks house bound with a totaled of a month out of...