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MyCutiePie23's picture
Posted on 01/06/15 3:56PM
Hello Everyone, My name is Leah.I am 24 and I live with my family and I have 4 year old son who is my world. I am hoping that I get a car from FCC because I can barely get around and constantly asking people for rides isn't always easy. It's a lot with a child...
MBaldwin622's picture
Posted on 12/31/14 1:16PM
I had to withdraw from college because the car I had broke down and didn't have the money to get it fixed. My school was 60 miles away so there is no way I can go back without a car. I am in need of help at this point because I don't make enough to save up to buy...

New Members

charmayne.lloyd's picture
Joined on 01/26/15 4:42PM
Hello I am a single mother of two young children. I was just laid off from my job because my transportation is unreliable. My job gave me 30 days to secure my transportation, or I will be fired. I had a moped to travel but my estranged ex-husband took it and left town....
Conorlee8's picture
Joined on 01/26/15 3:42PM
My name is Conor Lee I moved Austin a year ago and I've been working two jobs for a year now between paying for public transportation and paying my bills. I can't afford to pay for car afford to go back to school which I want to do very badly. I'm a very...