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Recent Recipients

Famneed's picture
Posted on 01/21/16 3:32PM
*Update* Words can never describe my appreciation to Brian and the whole FCC organization/staff, the donor, and Precision Auto. My family and I are so grateful. The couple of days have been the best in years. Picked the car up on Friday. Was able to take the whole fam to...
lizz1986's picture
Posted on 12/02/15 5:35PM
So i just picked up an early Christmas gift today from fcc and i love it made me so happy when i actually got inside the car and drove it home to my family a nice safe reliable 06 dodge stratus and my older boys love it too so much more space everything perfect im so...

New Members

MsRichardson's picture
Joined on 02/07/16 8:34PM
Been dealing with family and helping the best way i can. feels like when i think i'm moving forward for me and my son i get knock back down. It's hard to get around or vet things done because being without a car. I ask family for help but it's like i'm...
Ashley132's picture
Joined on 02/07/16 5:55PM
I'm 21 years old and I am in a bit of a bind. To get to work I need a car. To get a car I need to get to work. I need a little bit of assistance in getting transportation. I live with my parents and they refuse to help me with rides to work. Before you think low of me...