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Recent Recipients

Ik2211's picture
Posted on 07/22/14 1:25PM
I am a single mom.who is in college trying to get in RN program. I need a better car to get a good job and finish school and have a good life for my child ....
cantwait's picture
Posted on 07/22/14 1:22PM
Hello, I am in need of a car to do the everyday chores that need to get done for my me and my family. It would be a dream to receive a vehicle from this organization!! All that vote for me will get a vote back, thanks

New Members

Jor's picture
Joined on 07/30/14 10:50PM
Just moved back to Atlanta and unfortunately not to the best neighborhood. My roommate and I have been robbed twice and the second time they stole my scooter which I'm still paying off. So now I'm in the hole with no vehicle. pleaseohpleaseohplease
blueidgrl4life's picture
Joined on 07/30/14 10:26PM
I have recently became disabled, I have two kids 11 and 15 and I have to keep going an hour and a half out of the way to the doctors I have to have suergey again, my car had just recently broke down and was not fixable and I don't have the money to get another one